Labor Day -- A Day To Thank God For Work And The God-Given Ability To Work

Traditionally, September 5th has been designated as Labor Day, and who else better to describe the purpose and history of this day than the Department of Labor? For this writer, Labor Day is just like any other day of the year that requires some form of labor in order to accomplish a series of set goals. But it's also a day to thank God for work and the God-given ability to work, even with disabilities.

My set goals each day of the week are the same necessary goals that everyone else has to accomplish, such as going to the workplace and putting forth quality labor, taking care of daily chores inside and outside the house, purchasing weekly groceries. Taking care of the upkeep and maintenance of the car, paying monthly bills, etc., etc.

In contrast to an individual assuming any of the above responsibilities, according to this New York Post article, Millennials are "totally mixed up as to what they believe in." But as author Kyle Smith points out: "It’s always been difficult to be young. But maybe it’s never been harder for young people to grow up. Millennials will figure out who they are as soon as they start paying all of their own bills."

But far more important than any secular labor we might put forth on a daily basis, is the labor we put forth in doing the Lord's business (Luke 2:49) — that business designed to save the souls of men (Luke 19:8-10).

As followers of Christ, we must perform that labor (or any labor) with all diligence (Ecclesiastes 9:10; cf. Ephesians 6:5-8 NLT) and without negligence (Jeremiah 48:10 NASB).

Beloved, have a happy and profitable Labor Day!

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets