Don't Miss The 2:20 To Boston!

In his book, "See You At The Top," Zig Ziglar tells the following humorous story:

John Jones was in New York City. He wanted to go to Boston, so he went to the airport and bought a ticket. Having a few minutes to spare, he walked over to some scales, stepped on them, inserted a coin and down came his fortune: 

"Your name is John Jones, you weigh 188 pounds, and you are going to catch the 2:20 to Boston."

He was astounded, because all of the information was correct. He figured this must be a trick, so he stepped back on the scales, inserted another coin, and down came his fortune:

"Your name is still John Jones, you still weigh 188 pounds, and you are going to catch the 2:20 to Boston."

Now he was more puzzled than ever. Sensing a trick, he decided to fool whoever or whatever was responsible. He went into the men's room and changed his clothes, disguising himself. Once again, he stepped on the scales, inserted his coin, and down came his fortune: 

"Your name is still John Jones, you still weigh 188 pounds — but you just missed the 2:20 to Boston!"

Dear reader, Christianity consists of the blessings, joy, and happiness found only "in Christ Jesus" and many folks are missing it (John 10:10). From the Scriptures we know that the apostle Paul feasted upon the riches of joyous Christian living, because fifteen times in his letter to the Philippian brethren, he expresses the idea of "rejoicing in the Lord" and living with Him (Philippians 4:10-13).

This great apostle to the Gentiles, had captured the joy of living the Christian life. To him, it consisted of total surrender to Jesus (Gal. 2:20). Once this had been accomplished, every situation of life (whether good or bad) became a joyous occasion. Whether poverty to riches, or riches to poverty it made no difference. Paul powerfully sums up his contented and joyous life as Christian in Philippians 3:8.

Paul had not missed the opportunity of being a Christian, i.e., "the 2:20 to Boston!" And neither should anyone, for the Christian life is the only life that provides true happiness, peace, and joy. Paul didn't miss what Jesus came to give (John 10:10). His attitude was summed up in the fact that securing Jesus in his life was worth far more than anything the world had to offer.

If you are not a Christian, won't you please consider becoming one today (2 Corinthians 6:1-2), by rendering obedience to Jesus' plan to save your soul (Matthew 11:28-30).

Don't miss the 2:20 to Boston!

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets