God's Truth And An Alarming Survey

George Barna, founder and president of the Barna Research Group took a survey of American values and religious views across the United States. Mr. Barna’s survey indicated that more than two out of three adults and more than four out of five teenagers argue that truth is always relative to the individual and the circumstances.

If we’ve ever doubted the effect that Satan is having on our country, then please pay close attention to these statistics quoted from Mr. Barna’s survey.

It’s no wonder that we have great difficulty in converting the younger generation. These young people agreed with the statement: “Different people can define truth in conflicting ways and still be correct.

Brethren, this is one of the most erroneous and deceptive doctrines that can be taught among men. Notice that this doctrine is not applied to anything other than religion. It is only in religion that Satan has managed to confuse men into thinking that they can’t know truth that is absolute (John 17:17; John 8:32).

The bottom line is that we must be willing to make and take the time to teach God’s truth, not only to a world enveloped in sin, but to our own children and grandchildren (Deuteronomy 6:1-2; Psalm 78:1-8; Ephesians 6:4).

If we do not teach them, they will be lost eternally. Do we really want that to happen? It’s past time to “awake out of sleep” (Romans 13:11) and get busy doing what the Lord said do (Matthew 28:19-20; Mark 16:15-16).

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets


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