Human Interest Stories Sell

As a writer of religious articles, I'll never receive any monetary return this side of heaven for what I write, nor will I ever receive any accolades from any newspapers or major news networks (I don't desire either one). Why? Because I focus on and address the spiritual issues of life from a biblical standpoint, which is not very popular these days in our "politically correct" government and society. Not to worry, as my reward will come to me in the life to come (Matthew 19:27-30).

But what I have learned from reading hundreds of news articles from around the world, is that human interest stories sell.

For example, take the human interest story that I recently read from the New York Post, about a feral cat who "helped a homeless man turn his life around" (see video herehere, and here.) It seems that James Bowen was selling copies of a London magazine on the street, when he came across a stray orange kitten in dire need of physical assistance, due to an abscess on his leg.

After nursing the kitty back to health, the cat started following Mr. Bowen everywhere he went. They became fast friends, with the cat doing various tricks on Mr. Bowen's shoulder. Through local newspaper articles, they quickly acquired local fame, met a book agent from New York, and now both he and the cat are rich and famous. Plus, a film based on the book Mr. Bowen wrote about his cat, who he named "Bob," is in the works and has a tentative 2015 release date.

Folks, you just can't find a rags-to-riches human interest story better than this one, and it all had to do with someone helping a common street cat. My observation is that you never know where the twists and turns of life will lead you, nor what kind of opportunities will be provided you, even in helping a common cat.

What does the above human interest story tell us as Christians?

Dear reader, never allow opportunities to help those in need pass us by (yes, even a lowly street cat). If we are financially able, we need to help the homeless, and anyone else that we can, for we never know when we ourselves might need help and assistance. Any kindness we can render to others, will never go unrewarded (Ecclesiastes 11:1-2; cf. Deuteronomy 15:7-11; Proverbs 19:17; Matthew 10:40-42 CEV).

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets

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