Monday Morning Discussions At The "New Clock"

Every Monday morning at 7:00 MST, a handful of saints assemble at the “New Clock” restaurant in Northeast El Paso (see here and here), for breakfast. For the nominal fee of $2.99, you can the “special” of the morning, which usually consists of eggs, bacon, and toast (no substitutions allowed).

The best thing about the New Clock Restaurant is its homey atmosphere. There are quite a few retired folks who dine at the restaurant every day of the week, so it’s similar to a small community — everyone knows everyone else.

We discuss a variety of issues — local issues like the cost of the baseball park in downtown El Paso; issues surrounding the corruption and fraud found in the largest school district in El Paso County; moral issues, such as abortion, the drinking of alcoholic beverages, the homosexual movement, and gambling.

We discuss the corruption found in our local government, state government and federal government.

We discuss biblical ways to solve the above moral issues plus many more. It normally takes about two hours or less to solve all the problems of the world [tongue-in-cheek].

Dear reader, if you are ever in the El Paso area, please stop by some Monday morning and join in the conversation. We’d be thrilled to receive your input, insight, and solutions.

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets