A Question Regarding Homeless People

An individual once asked, “Could you show me a scripture in the Bible where it talks about homeless people, and why people become homeless?”

The Bible doesn’t specifically address the problems of homeless people, but it does address what kind of loving, caring, and compassionate attitude God’s people should have toward the poor. The Bible also tells us what God’s response is toward those who do not show compassion toward the poor. As an example, the following scriptures by the Proverb writer, Solomon, are provided:
An additional suggestion would be to look at every passage in the Bible with the word “poor” in it and see how the word is used in each passage.

The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia further explains the use of this term in both Old and New Testaments.

As Christians, we should be willing to help the poor “according to our ability” to do so (Acts 11:29).

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets