Acts 5:21 -- A Question

An individual once asked, “Looking at Acts 5:21 KJV, what individuals made up the “council” and the “senate of the children of Israel?”

The individuals that would make up the Sanhedrin - also see here (Gr. sunedrion – Strong’s 4892), which means “a settling together,” or a “council.” This term rendered “council” in the KJV, is frequently used in the New Testament (Matthew 5:22; Matthew 26:59 ; Mark 14:55; Mark 15:1; John 11:47; Acts 5:27) to denote the supreme judicial and administrative council of the Jews, which was first instituted by Moses, and was composed of seventy men (Numbers 11:16-17; cf. Exodus 24:1,9).

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets


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