Christians Are Spiritual Mail Carriers

When a certified letter is delivered to our door, it usually means we are receiving a very important document. According to several Bible scholars, Phoebe may have been the faithful servant who hand-delivered Paul’s inspired letter to the church in Rome. The letter points out how a lost and sinful humanity can find redemption through an obedient faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ (Romans 4:1-25).

Phoebe lived in Cenchrea, a harbor village in eastern Corinth where Paul had stopped during his third missionary journey. Because of her kindness to him, he wrote to the Roman brethren:

I commend to you Phoebe our sister, who is a servant of the church in Cenchrea, that you may …. assist her in whatever business she has need of you; for indeed she has been a helper of many and of myself also“ (Romans 16:1-2).

Phoebe had assisted others in carrying God’s word to them.

In a sense, all Christians are “spiritual mail carriers” because we have been blessed with the “good news” that Paul wrote about so many centuries ago (Romans 10:15 NIV). Like Phoebe, we should assist in delivering it by word and deed to people not only in our area of influence, but to those around the world who need its life-giving message (Matthew 28:19-20; Mark 16:15-16).

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets