The Consequences Of Sin And Its Solution

In 1973, the world-renowned psychologist Karl Menninger made headlines by writing the book, “Whatever Became of Sin?” It might be more accurate to say that he made “sermon headlines” by this title since countless preachers made reference to Dr. Menninger in their sermons.

However, the secular press’ reaction to his book was at best minimal. Menninger’s main point was that public discourse about sin, which played a great part in our nation’s heritage, had seemingly fallen out of vogue, possibly contributing to a growing sense of personal moral irresponsibility in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Living in a world where evil men and impostors proceed from bad to worse (2 Timothy 3:13), it does seem as if the word “sin” has disappeared from the human vocabulary. Even today, the idea of not preaching on the “sensitive” issue of sin, is even finding its way into the Lord’s church.

However, our responsibility as Christians, is not to join the majority in a world of evil who would seek to circumvent the issue or attempt to whiten up the blackness of sin (Isaiah 5:20). As disciples of Christ, our obligation is to:

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Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets