A Piece Of History Is Now History

As I was reading "'An American Original,' Yogi Berra, Dead at 90'" by American Thinker writer, Rick Moran, I immediately thought of the street that I have lived on for 25 years was named after this great American Icon (Yogi Berra Circle). What a tribute to one of the greatest baseball catchers who ever lived and played the game!

Yogi Berra played in a sports era where the love of the game far outweighed any monetary significance. As a player, His peak salary was the $61,000 he received in 1961 (source). I remember Yogi Berra as a kind and humble man, willing to help others along life's way.

A piece of history is now history.

From his blog, brother Neal Pollard, makes three spiritual observations and applications of Yogi Berra's illustrious life, which should motivate us to think about our own life and its profound influence on others, either for good or for evil.

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets