Are Churches Of Christ "Breaking With Tradition?"

In January 2004, reporter Craig Bird of the Associated Baptist Press, authored an article entitled, “Even in Churches of Christ, There’s No Sign of Ceasefire in Worship Wars.”

He wrote:

The raging debate over worship music has surfaced in a most unlikely place — within the Churches of Christ, which bear the historical distinction of shunning all musical instruments in worship. Over the past two years, at least five major congregations associated with the Churches of Christ have added instruments to some worship services, according to the Christian Chronicle, a 60-year-old Church of Christ newspaper. The highest-profile case involving the Oak Hills Church in San Antonio.

He went on to state:

No one is willing to predict whether these breaks from tradition signal the start of a sweeping change or are “isolated tragedies” — the description favored by Harding University professor Flavil Yeakley.

Let us focus on the above simple concept Mr. Bird’s article brings to our attention here.

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets