Are We Enthusiastic For Christ?

The poet Ralph Waldo Emerson once said about enthusiasm: “Every great and commanding movement in the annals of the world is due to the triumph of enthusiasm. Nothing great was ever achieved without it” (source).

Charles Schwab once made this statement: “A man can succeed at almost anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm” (source). What is true of business, is also true of the church. In fact, enthusiasm is what separates the active Christian from the indifferent Christian. Having enthusiasm for Christ is the great need of our time.

Webster defines enthusiasm as “an eager and intense interest; an ardent zeal or fervor.” Thus, by definition, we can plainly see the great value of enthusiasm in the service of Christ. In Isaiah 2:2-3, we see that enthusiasm was prophesied to be one of the characteristics of the church.

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Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets

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