Ceasing Our Evil Lifestyles

Like so many other prophets of God, Micah spoke to a people hardened by sin (cf. Hebrews 3:7-12). They were a “religious” people, but theirs was a empty shell of religion in which God was not pleased (cf. Micah 6:6-7; Isaiah 1:12-15). Yes, they “professed” to worship, but their worship had become only a ritual — it was nothing more than “will worship” (Colossians 2:18-23 KJV; cf. Matthew 15:1-9; Titus 1:14).

At the same time they professed to worship God, they also worshiped idols (cf. Isaiah 44). More than any other problem, they had become very materialistic. In Micah 2:1-2, the prophet emphasizes their greedy faults, and when Micah points out their sins, they refused to listen (Micah 2:6). They wanted to hear something more pleasing to their ears (Isaiah 30:8-10).

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Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets


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