Immaculate Conception Or Deception?

On December 8, 1854, Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferretti “” known to the Roman Catholic world as Pope Pius IX, announced the doctrine known as the “Immaculate Conception.” According to this teaching Mary, the mother of Jesus, was conceived in the womb of her own mother without inheriting the sin of Adam, an inheritance often referred to as “original sin.”

This doctrine was deemed necessary by Pius IX as an answer to the question, “How could Jesus be without sin, since man’s sinful nature is hereditary?” The Catholic Church proclaimed, “Because His mother was without sin before Him, He had no sin to inherit.”

The biblical answer to this question that baffles Catholicism, is much simpler than the contrived fable of so-called “Immaculate Conception.” Jesus was without sin because He never sinned (1 Peter 2:21-22). No such inspired statement is ever made concerning Mary or any other human being listed in the Bible record.

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Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets