Trans What?

This morning, I read writer Matt Walsh's article entitled, "Forcing Girls To Share A Bathroom With A Gender Confused Boy Is Abuse".

Matt begins his article by looking at the situation at hand: "In this situation, a 17 year old boy decided he was actually a girl, and thus should be entitled to use the girls’ locker room and bathroom. The school bent over backwards trying to find a compromise, even offering the guy a private, unisex facility, but that wasn’t good enough. He wanted the girls’ bathroom, and of course, what the girls wanted was entirely irrelevant."

Sadly, our present day society has sadly chosen perversion and perverted lifestyles over God's established order of things (Romans 1:18-32 NLT). Because of folks who want to tolerate every form of evil (Isaiah 5:20) under the guise of "tolerance" ..... we now have all of the following terms associated with the prefix "trans": (1) transgender; (2) transsexual; (3) transvestite. Is this confusing or what? How about going with God's established (and simple) order of gender? No "trans" anything regarding gender just "male" or "female" (Matthew 19:4; Genesis 5:1-2).

Since we are looking at the prefix "trans" .... perhaps it would be wise of us to pay particular attention to this word in the New Testament: "transgression" (man's definition); New Testament Greek definition here .... i.e., "to violate, breach or deviate" from God's established law. John tells us that "sin" is "the transgression" of God's law (1 John 3:4). When we violate God's established law to mankind by practicing any perversion or perverted lifestyle, we have "sinned" or "missed the [God's] mark."

Beloved reader, the question we need to ask ourselves (not associated with gender confusion at all), is "does my choice of lifestyle violate God's established order of things?" If it does, we should seriously consider going down a "different" road. There are other questions we need to ask ourselves as well.

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets

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