God Welcomes All Honest Skeptics

A skeptic is one who is inclined to have a doubting attitude. However, if such a person is honestly seeking to know the truth, his doubting may be the first step toward finding the truth.

When Paul came to Berea, he found Jews who were more “fair-minded” than those in Thessalonica. They received the word “with all readiness,” but also “searched the Scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so” (Acts 17:11). Although they believed in the Old Testament, they had a healthy skepticism about the subject of Paul’s preaching.

The Bereans were commended for their readiness to listen to Paul and for their diligence to evaluate carefully what he said in the light of Scripture.

An honest skeptic will give the gospel a fair hearing. He will be willing to consider the evidence (Hebrews 11:1 KJV) for the truthfulness and unique authority of the Bible (John 17:17; 2 Timothy 3:16-17; 2 Peter 1:20-21).

He will examine and test the claims of all who say they have a message from God (1 Thessalonians 5:21; 1 John 4:1). He will recognize that Christians have a rational basis for their faith and that there are sound reasons for their hope (1 Peter 3:15).

Yes, God welcomes honest skeptics.

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets


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