There Is No Shame --- "And The World Keeps On Turning"

The following are some interesting observations that I made this Tuesday morning while looking at the latest news and taking my morning walk:

First, I observed that the Playboy publication was going to stop publishing photos of nude women (see article). Why do that after 62 years? My guess is that Playboy founder Hugh Hefner (he's only 89!) figures that since porn is readily available on the Internet, he has to go to another format to sell his abundantly crude and lewd magazine. It's obvious that sex still sells, there is no shame "and the world keeps on turning."

Secondly, I noticed that Esquire Magazine, by some kind of man-made criteria, determined that Emilia Clarke, the 28-year-old Game of Thrones actress has been named the "Sexiest Woman Alive" (see here and here). Have you ever noticed that the term "sexy" or "sexiest" is closely associated with a nude or semi-nude young woman? There is no shame "and the world keeps on turning."

Thirdly, while taking my morning walk, I noticed a young long legged girl in her 20's roller skating around the park that I live close to, dressed in short shorts and halter top, with a smart phone in her hand (you'll have to imagine this picture!). She certainly wasn't interested in her personal decorum, that's for certain, but was obviously interested in attracting glances from folks driving by and gawking at her. Sadly, there is no shame "and the world keeps on turning."

From the above three observations, you noticed that I focused on the word, "shame" which Paul uses in Philippians 3:19; (cf. Romans 8:5-6), the definition being, (1) the confusion of one who is ashamed of anything, sense of shame; (2) ignominy, disgrace, dishonour; (3) a thing to be ashamed of. Sad to say, the term "shame" is foreign to today's "modern woman.

I'm wondering if these same women will demonstrate any "shame" before the great Judge on Judgment Day (Acts 10:38-42; Acts 17:29-31), when the world stops turning (2 Peter 3:10-12).

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets


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