What Is The Value Of Jesus To Us?

Exodus 21 lists various penalties for different offenses. In Exodus 21:28-32, injuries that could be caused by an ox are discussed, along with the consequences of these injuries for the owner of the animal. In the event that an ox killed a man or woman, the ox was to be stoned and its flesh uneaten. The owner of the ox was without guilt.

If the ox was known to gore, and the owner had been warned, the owner was responsible if he did not confine the animal. If a person was killed by the ox, the ox was to be stoned and the owner was to be put to death. However, if the relatives of the dead person would permit it, the owner could ransom his own life by paying whatever they demanded.

If it was a slave that was killed, the owner of the ox had to pay the slave’s master the average price of a slave, which was 30 pieces of silver.

The phrase, “thirty pieces of silver” reoccurs in scripture with a heart-rending significance.

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Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets

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