"A Young Universe"

All my life I have heard “scientists” pontificate on the presumed ancientness of the Earth and the universe. Figures like “billions of years” roll off of these unbeliever’s tongues like the proverbial promises of politicians. They need a large number (4-5 billion years) to justify their materialistic evolutionary view that life “evolved” from rocks and dirt.

The public often swallows these assumptions whole because they either are ignorant of the “young earth” creationist OR Biblical view or anything deemed “science” is like a religion to them, to be uncritically accepted by faith as “fact.” The truth-be-told NONE of these pontificators were eye witnesses to any of their wild assumptions. It reminds me of the holy judgment the Apostle Paul proclaimed against the unbelievers in God of his own day: “ For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse” (Romans 1:20).

A case in point is the recent discoveries made by the NASA spacecraft New Horizons on its flyby of the dwarf planet Pluto. Scientists had long proclaimed that Pluto was essentially a “dead world” because of its distance from the Sun. They expected it to be pockmarked by impact craters with few geological features because it was assumed to be “billions” of years old. They were found to be incredibly wrong!

After nine years and millions of miles of travel New Horizons found Pluto a geologically active and colorful world; a relatively “young” planet. They found few craters, hardly what one would expect from “billions of years” of meteoric impact. Especially noticeable were two tall “ice volcanoes” nearly four miles high and glaciers of ice. Pluto’s moons also indicated a young, violent past. All this shook up the scientific community. Jim Green, director of planetary science at NASA’s Washington headquarters exclaimed, “The New Horizon’s mission has taken what we thought we knew about Pluto and turned it upside down” (source).

These scientists should have consulted the Holy Bible. If they had, they would have discovered that Pluto and the other celestial bodies in the universe were created or spoken into existence (cf. Psalm 33:9) on the fourth day (24 hours) of Creation. They are not “billions of years old” but thousands. Only a celestial body created a few thousands of years ago would be geologically active like the Earth and Pluto." Roelf L. Ruffner, gospel preacher

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets