"God Hasn't Gone Anywhere"

Author Dee Chadwell, has penned a well-written article entitled, "Morality - What Is It Good For?" In her article, she talks about the fact that "humanity is a messa mess simply because of humanity's choice to disobey Almighty God and the laws that He has designated "for our good always" (Deuteronomy 6:24). The moral deterioration of our society hasn't happened overnight, but over an extended period of time (how about three generations worth?). 

As Ms. Chadwell declares in her article:

"We can almost make a flow chart showing the paths through which the moral decline of America has traveled: from the church (ironic and horrifying as that might be) which early on began replacing morality and the love of God with social justice, to the schools where all societies, and all individual choices have been declared morally equivalent, to science which no longer used empiricism to learn about God and His creation, and instead used a warped version of the scientific method to erase Him, to the newsmen who learned in their schools to see journalism as a calling to change the world, not to merely record its events. These elements are now operating in sync, with the government backing it all."

While our decadent society may be like the proverbial ostrich, sticking its head in the sand, wishing for God to go away, God will not go away. As Ms. Chadwell points out: 

"My point here is that we can, as many folks do today, pretend God isn’t there, that there are no attitudinal or behavioral expectations, that we can make it up as we go. But the consequences do not go away and no number of gay pride parades, no amount of media disdain, no convocation of condescending college professors can protect us from either the natural consequences of our actions or from the wrath of God. God hasn’t gone anywhere."

Indeed, Ms. Chadwell, "God hasn't gone anywhere" (Psalm 139:7-12) and "consequences do not go away" (Galations 6:7-8). God stands ready to bring all disobedient societies into Judgment (Matthew 25:31-46; Acts 17:29-31).

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets


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