'Happiness Advantage' Over Age 30 Is Vanishing, Study Finds

As the above titled article indicates, any "happiness advantage" over the age of 30 is vanishing from the American scene. Although the article gives several reasons why this is so, so-called "experts" tell us:

"They [experts] attribute the shift to everything from growing financial pressures — and what some call "economic insecurity" — to the fact that real life has been a rude awakening for a generation of young adults who were told they could do anything and are discovering that often isn't true."

Beloved, instead of trying to "grab for all the gusto you can" in life, how about just being thankful for what God has blessed us with already. Instead of always wanting "more" — there's a great benefit in having "less" (Philippians 4:10-13).

After all is said and done, whether poor or rich, happiness is a state of mind!

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets