Obedient Discipleship

The upper level Brahman class in India never stoop to do any menial labor. So, after spending time at Mahatma Gandhi’s ashram (a spiritual retreat center for Hindus), a young man of this class was assigned a task that he felt was beneath his dignity.

Having earned a doctorate from the prestigious London School of Economics, this young man had come to the ashram to seek guidance about his future. Unknown to him, everybody at the ashram was given some specific assignment. His assignment was to clean toilets.

Deeply offended, he went to Gandhi immediately and complained, “I hold a doctorate. I’m capable of doing great things. Why do you waste my time and talents on cleaning toilets?” Gandhi responded, “I know of your capacity to do great things, but I have yet to discover your capacity to do little things.”

We may be highly qualified to serve our Lord in a significant way. Because of our training and talents, we may have the potential to carry on great and effective spiritual service. But are we willing to humbly perform some menial task that we are assigned to do? Would we be willing to clean another’s toilet or wash another’s feet? (John 13:1-17).

Beloved, that’s what obedient discipleship is all about.

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets