Omnipresent Technology Disrupts Human Relationships

Several times on my blog, I have emphasized the possibility of becoming addicted to technology and digital devices here and the possibility of that addiction disrupting interpersonal relationships herehere and here.

Obviously, Ouisa D. Davis, an attorney at law here in El Paso agrees with my assessment as well, in his recent above titled article.

Mr. Davis writes:

"In 2006, I wrote about the ubiquity of cellphone usage and how it negatively impacted my private spaces. Now, almost a decade later, the reflections in that column are obsolete. It’s not about instant availability anymore; it’s about technology addiction. We are not only instantly available but we are losing our peace and quiet and the value of immersion in special moments to a 6-inch glowing screen that constantly hooks our attention."

Mr. Davis asks these pertinent questions:

"Have our relationships been invaded by technological adultery? Are our friendships defined by our internet postings? Have we abandoned the thrill of turning pages in a book for the instantly available downloaded volume on our Kindle Fire? Can we no longer sit and enjoy the company of friends without constantly checking our text messages or social media sites? Is it preferable to watch YouTube videos than a live performance?"

Mr. Davis concludes: "The only control is ourselves. We can choose. We can allow technology to enhance our lives or we can allow technology to take our lives over. We can decide to turn off those phones or become one of the addicted."

Beloved, as Mr. Davis states, "We can choose." If we are going to be addicted to something, let us "choose" to be addicted to the spreading of the gospel of Christ (Acts 5:41-42; Acts 20:17-21), as we interact with people on a day to day basis, forming human relationships that will continue into eternity.

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets