"Out Of The Mouth Of Babes"

In Psalm 8:1-9, David not only speaks of the great love and goodness that God makes known throughout all the earth, but takes our minds to the highest thought to which the mind of man can go — the LORD! (Psalm 8:1,9). Not only is the greatness of God made known to all — from the greatest to the least — in all the earth and above the heavens, but is also made known by the “mouth of babes” (Psalm 8:2).

The minds of pure and innocent little children are unfettered from calculating minds that sometimes consider the implications so as to look out for self-interests before they confess the obvious truth. Children will often apply and state the truth that they have learned from their parents or other teachers, in a much more ready and direct way than is comfortable for most adults.

This is exactly how Jesus Himself used this passage to rebuke the Pharisees:

See here.

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets


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