Defeminization Versus God's Assigned Role For Women

Due to the influence of the Feminist Movement, plus the radical, politically correct thinking of our present-day government leaders, we are seeing the attempt to defeminize women. This is evident from this article that I read this morning regarding the use of women in combat roles.

According to the above article, a Rand Corporation survey indicated the following response from men serving in special operations forces: "more than 7,600 of America's special operations forces spoke with nearly one voice. Allowing women to serve in Navy SEAL, Army Delta or other commando units could hurt their effectiveness and lower the standards, and it may drive men away from the dangerous posts."

One male respondent wrote: "Gender equality is not an option when the bullets are flying," he said. "Most males in the area of the world I work in would rather back hand a female than listen to her speak. There is a reason we send men to do these jobs."

Regarding the subject of femininity, one woman wrote: "On a patriarchal planet, defeminization has severe consequences for women. As Halima points out, defeminization by becoming un-women means that a woman won’t receive what she identified as the four main manifestations of male protection: courtesy, concern, consideration, and concessions." (source).

Beloved, trying to thwart God's assigned role for women (also her role in the church), will end up in nothing but a disaster. The role of women can be summed up in Paul's address to Timothy and Titus (1 Timothy 5:14; Titus 2:3-5 NET). Trying to make men and women co-equals in role and responsibility simply will not work  it never has and never will. However, God's assigned plan for the roles of both men and women works flawlessly every single time!

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets