Lot -- A Righteous Man -- Even In The Midst Of Sin And Sinners!

Lot was the son of Haran and the nephew of Abraham, (Genesis 11:27). Following Haran’s death, he went with Terah, his grandfather, and Abraham to Ha-ran (Genesis 11:31). After Terah’s death, he and Abraham went to Canaan (Genesis 12:5).

Following a sojourning in Egypt because of a famine in Canaan, Lot and Abraham were faced with a problem. The land was not able to support the great flocks and herds of both men so that they could continue to live at the same place (Genesis 13:6-7). Strife had even developed between their herdsmen.

To solve the problem, Abraham allowed Lot to choose where he would dwell (Genesis 13:8-13). Lot chose the plain of Jordan because it was well-watered with lush, green pasture. He pitched his tent toward Sodom, whose people were “exceedingly wicked and sinful” (Genesis 13:13).

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Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets