"Put The Bible In Every School"

Peter Heck, one of the writers for the American Thinker online publication, as well as a speaker, author and teacher, has written an excellent above titled article, emphasizing the need for the Bible to be "taught, discussed, analyzed, explained, and understood in every public school in the United States."

As Mr. Heck points out, the intelligentsia in our country, "the experts and journalists with advanced degrees from leading universities ..... those who are Pulitzer Prize winning reporters and elites are staggeringly clueless."

Mr. Heck uses the following journalists as illustrations:

"Start with Washington Post journalist Kathleen Parker who recently embarrassed herself, not understanding that Ted Cruz’s appeal to the “body of Christ” refers to the church and not the physical body of Jesus. The New York Times is just as bad. Columnist David Brooks confused Jesus with Paul and wrongly placed Saul, David and Esther in the Jewish Torah. And keep in mind all of those mistakes flew right past the highest-priced editors you will find. This is the consequence of an intentional deprivation of biblical exposure."

Mr. Heck then provides us with the bottom line:

"To say our country is well served by having people who are biblical buffoons acting as intellectuals expounding on issues that matter is the height of societal suicide. If you have no understanding or appreciation of your civilization’s cornerstone, history confirms you have no hope of its survival."

Well said, Mr. Heck, well said!

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets