Some Eye-Opening Tattoo Stats

There are some very eye-opening tattoo stats presented in this blog article that I thought were worth considering. The article states that "many hiring managers don’t see them as career building tools. In fact, 37 percent of HR managers cite tattoos as the third most likely physical attribute that limits career potential."

Other notable stats are these:
  • 63% of people 60 years and older feel that visible tattoos are inappropriate. It would seem that older folks have a greater sense of decorum.
  • 14% of individuals who have completed college and graduate school have a tattoo. In other words, the more education an individual has, the less chance they have a tattoo.
  • 9% of individuals in manufacturing, engineering, and information technology careers have tattoos.
  • 8% of individuals in government careers have tattoos. 
Thus, it would seem that individuals in the two above listed professional fields (the 9% and 8%), possess a greater sense of decorum than those in the other listed fields of endeavor.

And as it has been in the past, the job industry with the highest percentage of individuals with tattoos is still the military with 36%. It's interesting to note that 14% of individuals with tattoos, regret their decision to get a tattoo. The cost of removing a tattoo is quite expensive (national average in 2013 was $588).

Beloved, consider this: What we wear (including tattoos), reflects the inner attitude of our heart!

See here for my personal view on the wearing of tattoos along with some biblical principles we should consider before acquiring a tattoo.

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets