Trump And Truth

Blogger, writer, and speaker, Matt Walsh, has recently written this article, inviting us to ponder not only the man, Donald Trump, but what he stands for as well. Mr. Walsh makes some good points and arguments, along with corresponding evidence, that Christians should not vote for Donald Trump.

Mr. Walsh brings out some excellent points and a pertinent question in the following paragraph:

"Any Christian who is serious about his faith knows, first, that man separated from God cannot be trusted. Our faith and trust should be in God alone, and we can trust another man only to the extent that he has faith in God. A man who rejects God is a man with no true strength, no identity, and no fidelity to truth. A man who rejects God is a man spinning uncontrollably in the darkness; a man who soon becomes his own golden calf, his own idol, the center of his own universe. How could any Christian possibly choose to elevate such a man to our nation’s highest office?"

Mr. Walsh closes his good article with this observation regarding truth:

"I’m not telling you who to vote for. Even someone who appears to behave and speak as a Christian may still be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. We can’t know for certain. But when the truth is advertised so clearly, when the character of a man and the sincerity of his convictions (or lack thereof) are made so obvious, we must respond accordingly. We can’t close our eyes to the truth, no matter how unpopular the truth may be."

Good point, Mr. Walsh! We can't close our eyes to the truth, "no matter how unpopular the truth may be" (Galations 4:1-16).

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets

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