4 Reasons Your Leadership Suffers When You Cheat Sleep

The many benefits of sleep cannot be overstated here and here. Michael Hyatt, best-selling author and leadership guru, lists 4 reasons why our leadership suffers when we cheat sleep.

Mr. Hyatt then lists 4 ways we can fix our lack of sleep problem:

1) Commit to sleep.
2) Start with yourself.
3) Let technology work for you.
4) Honor the weekends.

Mr. Hyatt concludes his good article by stating:

"Leaders face real and challenging limits on our time. We think we can beat those limits by cheating our sleep. Instead we just cheat our teams, who now must make do with less of us. That means we’re directly sabotaging our own leadership."

As busy as our Lord was in His earthly ministry, He deemed it necessary to pray and rest from the demands and rigors of the day (Matthew 14:23; Mark 4:38; Mark 6:46; Luke 6:12).

As spiritual leaders in the Lord's kingdom, should we not pray and rest as well?

Mike Riley, Gospel snippets


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