How We Dress Reflects Our Inward Thinking

As I was looking at these pictures this morning of the stately and eloquently dressed Kate Middleton and Prince William, I thought to myself, "what good role models these two fine young people provide us on the wearing of proper dress!"

The young men and women of our country should take note of what proper dress looks like through the above pictures and then follow suit when going out in public.

Sad to say, most of what I see in the public arena regarding proper dress, needs to be seriously addressed! When I was growing up in the 1940's and 1950's, proper dress was emphasized and sloppy dressing was not tolerated.

Sloppy dressing is just another indication of how our society's thinking has deteriorated over the past three generations. The idea of "letting it all hang out" does not speak well of our present society's moral values. However, it does speak volumes of our society's lack of decorum in its attitudes towards proper dress.

Beloved, regarding how we dress, modesty goes a long way in identifying how we inwardly think about ourselves. As Christians, we are representatives of the Lord here on earth. Let us dress accordingly!

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets