The Joy Of God's Salvation

King David, Israel’s most illustrious ruler — a man after God’s own heart (Acts 13:22; cf. 1 Samuel 13:14), became the seducer, the adulterer, the liar, the murderer — utterly pitiless and unmoved by his monstrous misdeeds. Israel’s ruler was now ruled by sin (cf. 2 Samuel 11:1-27).

A year had passed since David committed adultery with Bathsheba and orchestrated the murder of her husband (2 Samuel 11:1-4,6-17). David deteriorated physically and emotionally. His gnawing conscience kept him restless and melancholy. At night he tossed and turned.

When David was brought face to face with his corruption (2 Samuel 12:1-12), his defenses crumbled and He cried, “I have sinned against the Lord” (2 Samuel 12:13). And Nathan the prophet replied, “The Lord also has put away your sin.” Despite the devastating consequences of David’s sin, he was assured of God’s forgiveness (2 Samuel 12:13-14).

After realizing the extent of his sin and its consequences, David penned Psalm 51, a song of repentance and pleading for God’s forgiveness. “I acknowledge my transgressions …. Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow” (Psalm 51:3,7).

Beloved, are we suffering the consequences of our sin? Let’s admit our wrongs and ask God to “forgive us our sins” (1 John 1:9). He will show abundant mercy and restore to us the “joy of Your [God’s] salvation” (Psalm 86:5; Psalm 51:12).

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets