A Heartfelt Desire To Worship The Lord

The author of Psalm 84 (one of the sons of Korah) had an undying love to worship in God’s house. Some commentators have speculated that for a time, this temple singer was unable to go to the temple, either because of sickness or circumstances. So as he wrote this Psalm, his soul was especially longing and crying out to be in “the courts of the Lord” (Psalm 84:2).

He believed that one day of worship in God’s house gave more satisfaction than a thousand days spent anywhere else (Psalm 84:10). He also stated that he would rather be a simple doorkeeper in God’s house than to dwell in an environment of wickedness.

There’s something special about praising God together with His people, and we should take every opportunity to do so (Hebrews 10:25). Like the Psalmist, we should take advantage of the opportunity to express our love for the living God and our longing to know and trust Him (Psalm 84:2;12).

Beloved, when the desire of our heart is to be in His presence and in the presence of His people, our Lord is pleased and we’ll be richly blessed (Psalm 84:4-5).

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets

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