America Is On The Road To Declinistan

Lauri B. Regan, one of the writers for the American Thinker online publication, has written this above titled eye-opening article. Like myself, she recognizes the degradation and corruption of our nation's moral fiber and the startling ignorance of our college youth regarding current events and past history.

Of course, the cause and core of our nation's problems is SIN (1 John 3:4 NET; cf. Romans 3:23). This problem could easily be remedied, but seemingly few people in our nation could care about the remedy (see here and here). They are more concerned about the "free stuff" than their eternal souls (Luke 12:13-21).

Somehow, folks think that the "good times" will never end but they will!

Ms. Regan ends her good article with this statement: "Presence of mind is all that can save us from the road to Declinistan."

Yes, Ms. Regan, presence of mind (2 Corinthians 10:3-6 NLT) and Almighty God is all that can save us from the road to Declinistan.

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets