"Do You Really Want To Save America?"

The above titled question is posed in this Selwyn Duke article regarding the death of America. Some of Mr. Duke's remedies for saving America are these:

"Do you really want to save America? Okay, then completely transform the media, academia and entertainment so they’re not brainwashing citizens 24/7 with anti-American, anti-Christian, multiculturalist, socialist, feminist and a multitude of other lies. End legal immigration, which, via the importation of massive numbers of Third Worlders, is changing our country into a socialistic non-Western culture. 

Even more significantly, convince the 70-plus percent of Americans who are moral relativists to believe in Truth; these are people who, as the Barna Group research company put it, believe that what we call “truth is always relative to the person and their situation” and whose most common basis for moral decision-making is “doing whatever feels right….

As Mr. Duke astutely points out in his above article, a "feelings" based society ends up with folks believing "there are no rules governing man." Sad to say, we are now seeing the religious faith of people being based on "feelings" rather than being based upon the absolute truth found in God's word (John 17:17; cf. Psalm 119:142,151).

I totally agree with Mr. Duke, when he states in the above second paragraph, "convince the 70-plus percent of Americans who are moral relativists to believe in Truth."

Question: How do we accomplish the above goal that Mr. Duke has stated?

Answer: To preach and teach the saving gospel of Christ in its simplicity and totality (1 Corinthians 1:20-24; 1 Corinthians 2:1-5; Acts 20:17-27) and to preach the gospel "whether welcome or unwelcome" (2 Timothy 4:2 AMP; cf. Acts 13:44-52 NET).

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets