"You Shall Know The Truth"

An identifying mark of the present intellectual environment is the idea that truth is relative and subjective. This idea has been around a long time, but has recently weaved its way into American culture to an unprecedented degree. The movement is an aspect of terminology called “postmodernism” (see video). This relativism is contrary to common sense, contrary to the Word of God, and thus a very dangerous false teaching.

One might ask, “Why it is important that we understand the nature of truth?” An example might be that if there is no absolute right or wrong, then a man may leave the wife and mother of his children and feel no regret about it. After all, if there are no real and absolute rules in life, why not just do as we please? Thus, we see the importance of absolute truth.

Let’s look at a simple example that illustrates the way the word “truth” is used in a biblical context.

See here.

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets