Americans Are Addicted To Pleasure

J.G. Maggio, one of the writers for the online "American Thinker" publication, has written this very truthful article, describing the America's addiction to pleasure. As Mr. Maggio points out in his good article, the addiction to pleasure is one of the factors why marriage and family is on the decline.

Quoting Mr. Maggio:

"Granted, many factors have contributed to the decline of marriage and family in the U.S, but one underlying factor is frequently overlooked: America’s obsession with pleasurable indulgence. Marriage and family will inevitably decline in a society of too many self-absorbed pleasure junkies, which is basically what we’ve become ...... The selfless, sacrificial love that’s necessary to sustain marriage and families involves doing the difficult -- whether one feels like it or not: foregoing one’s self-interest for others; compromising with others; and putting children's interests ahead of one’s own. But pleasure junkies have conditioned themselves to do the opposite. They’re accustomed to doing the easy things (e.g. overeating, overspending, smoking, viewing pornography), and focusing on themselves, rather than doing difficult things for others or for a greater common good."

As Mr. Maggio points out in the above paragraph, Americans have sadly chosen the path of least resistance, no longer adhering to the idea a selfless, sacrificial love as our loving Savior taught in Matthew 16:24; Luke 9:23. Denying self is one of the qualifications of being follower of Christ. Sad to say, our ungodly society doesn't deny itself of anything and therein lies the crux of the problem.

Question: What's the solution to the above problem of folks not willing to deny self?
Answer: Lovingly motivate them to surrender their will to our Heavenly Father's will. The key word here is "surrender" (see article).

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets

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