Benefiting From The Bible -- 3 Key words

As the story goes, a preacher and a soap manufacturer were walking down a street one day. As they walked, they noticed how people were endangering others by driving too fast in a school zone, not stopping at stop signs, and running red lights.

The soap manufacturer looked at the preacher and said, “Preacher, that Bible you preach from must not be any good, because it’s not helping anyone. Look at all the selfishness and disregard for others in the world.”

The preacher didn’t say anything but kept walking. After a while they came upon some children that were filthy and dirty. It looked as though they hadn’t taken a bath in weeks. The preacher looked at the soap manufacturer and said, “That soap you make must not be any good. Look how filthy and dirty these children are.”

The soap manufacturer replied, “My soap doesn’t work unless you use and apply it.” “That’s right!” said the preacher. It’s the same way with the Bible. The Bible doesn’t work unless people use it and apply it to their lives.”

In looking at how the Bible will benefit each of us (if we apply it), let us examine three key words.

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Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets