Some Folks Just Have To Have Attention!

After reading many of the latest news reports regarding the presidential candidates, I have come to the conclusion that many (if not all) of the candidates just have to have attention! Attention-getting to these folks is like an elixir  they just can't do without it, and they will do almost anything to get it!

For example, today on my morning walk, there was a young kid driving past me who had his car radio up at full throttle with his windows down, obviously wanting the attention of everyone within a quarter mile radius.

Donald Trump is another prime example of an individual who has to have constant attention shown to him. Since Mr. Trump can no longer fulfill the role he played as CEO of the show, "Celebrity Apprentice" (Arnold Schwarzenegger will now take over that role  see here), Mr. Trump has now opted to gain attention by running for political office.

Some questions I have are these: Is Mr. Trump really concerned about the future well-being of our country? Is he really concerned about the citizenry of our country? Or is he merely seeking after the prestige and power that the highest office in our land affords? Only time will give us the true answer, but my calculated guess is that Mr. Trump is simply in this political game for the betterment of himself and his organization (after all, it's only business, right?).

Beloved, we don't need any more attention-getting folks in our land, but we desperately need folks with integrity, decorum, and high moral values, who really care about people and the future of America.

Let us sincerely pray that Almighty God will provide us with such men and women.

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets