"The Collapse Of Marriage Is The Principle Cause Of Child Poverty And Welfare Dependence"

In reading this good article on welfare reform, written in February, 2003, my eyes focused on these last concluding paragraphs:

"More than 20 years ago, President Jimmy Carter stated, "the welfare system is anti-work, anti-family, inequitable in its treatment of the poor and wasteful of the taxpayers' dollars." President Carter was correct in his assessment. 

The 1996 welfare reform began necessary changes in the disastrous old welfare system. The rewards for non-work in the TANF [Temporary Assistance To Needy Families] program have been substantially reduced. But much more remains to be done. When Congress reauthorizes TANF this year, it should ensure that, in the future, all able-bodied welfare recipients are required to work or undertake other constructive activities as a condition of receiving aid.

But increasing work is not enough. Each year, one-third of all children are born outside of wedlock; this means that one child is born to an unmarried mother every 25 seconds. This collapse of marriage is the principal cause of child poverty and welfare dependence. In addition, children in these families are more likely to become involved in crime, to have emotional and behavioral problems, to be physically abused, to fail in school, to abuse drugs, and to end up on welfare as adults.

Despite these harsh facts, the anti-marriage effects of welfare, which President Carter noted over two decades ago, are largely intact. The current indifference and hostility to marriage in the welfare system is a national disgrace. In reauthorizing TANF, Congress must make the rebuilding of marriage its top priority. The restoration of marriage in American society is truly the next frontier of welfare reform."

Beloved, let us note the above titled quote from this article: "The collapse of marriage is the principle cause of child poverty and welfare dependence" (see article). Question: Do we want to do away with child poverty and welfare dependence?

Answer: Get back to God's plan for marriage and the family.

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets


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