Beyonce -- Empowering And A Role Model?

Blogger, writer, and speaker, Matt Walsh, has recently written this article, emphasizing the fact that pop singer, Beyonce, is destroying our daughters, not empowering them. When we look at some of the lyrics from her recent album, entitled, "Lemonade" here, this writer is in total agreement with what Mr. Walsh has written. Beyonce is certainly not a godly role model for any woman, young or old.

Regarding pagan worship, Mr. Walsh writes: 

"ancient pagans had Apollo, the modern pagans have Beyonce and her fellow deities in Hollywood and the recording industry. And the real danger is that this deification and worship is not an accident. Modern pop artists specifically call for it. Beyonce celebrates herself in every insufferable song and invites the listener to do the same. “Invite” is probably too generous a word. She demands that her fans literally “bow down, b***hes” and tremble before her. These days, feminists would spontaneously combust if you quoted Ephesians 5, but if a rich pop singer calls them “b***hes” and tells them to get on their knees in worship, they eagerly submit. The sadomasochism of pop music is probably one of its most bizarre elements.

And once the listener bows, as she’s been instructed, whatever Beyonce says – even if it’s shallow and hackneyed and idiotic – will not only be celebrated as a work of uncompromising brilliance, but as an infallible moral insight. “I can wear this/do this/say this because Beyonce did.” This is the thought process of young girls and grown women alike. This is what spiritually poisonous music can do to a person. Indeed, music is and has always been a powerful art form, but in a country where the pews are empty, it becomes a religion.

So, no, your daughter is not just having fun and gaining ”confidence” when she listens to Beyonce. She is worshiping at an altar. She is adopting an ideology. She is learning things. The question is whether she’s learning the right things."

No, Mr. Walsh, she's not learning the right things. For that to happen, she would have to follow the inspired instructions found in Philippians 4:8 NLT not on the ungodly lyrics found in "Lemonade".

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets


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