Great Teachers Change Lives!

My late wife was a public school teacher for 27 years. During that time, she influenced literally hundreds of students for good, encouraging them to achieve their dreams and be the best citizens possible.

In this video, we see Ms. Watson's former choral students honoring her by giving her a surprise visit after a long absence. Ms. Watson has not seen some of them in ten years, which makes their reunion even more special.

Since Ms. Watson struggles with various health issues, she is more than taken back when she sees her former students honoring her with their singing and life stories, telling her how much her positive influence has meant to them (I shed some tears while watching this video, because I thought of the countless hours my late wife spent in teaching her students personal responsibility and good citizenship).

Over the past forty years, this writer's Christian influence on both children and adults in various Bible classes, has hopefully encouraged them to lead godly lives by the reading, studying, and making application of the inspired teachings found in the Bible.

Beloved, there's no doubt about it, great teachers change lives!  Let us therefore honor our teachers, both past and present, whenever we have the opportunity to do so!

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets

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