How Can We Believe And Love Jesus?

While Jesus lived on the earth He appeared to be just like any other man (Philippians 2:8). He had a body, He ate, slept, and talked just as all men do. After His resurrection, it was imperative that eyewitnesses knew that the body of Jesus, which had been put in the grave, had indeed been raised.

Jesus had not pretended to be dead in order to fool men — the soldiers made sure that he was dead (John 19:32-33). The same nail-scarred body that went into the tomb came out of the tomb three days later alive (Matthew 28:1-6; cf. Matthew 16:21; Matthew 17:23; Matthew 20:17-19) — it was not an apparition (Matthew 28:9-10; Mark 16:9-11; John 20:11-31).

To verify His bodily resurrection, Jesus appeared to His apostles and when they were afraid and thought He was a spirit, He said:

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Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets