On "Goin' Up The Down Road"

Years ago, old timers would say, when asked where they were headed, "I'm goin' up the road a piece." Now that was said whether they were going north, south, east, or west. Or whether they were going up in elevation or down in elevation.

Today, there's a "down road" of degradation that many folks are going up, and it's not just "a piece" — it's a "fer piece" they're traveling. And they are not just strolling casually up that road — they are running flat out!

In the past sixty years, our country has seen a steady decline in moral values that has been unsurpassed by any other time in the history of our nation.

The apostle Paul describes the condition of the Gentiles who had left God and consequently with whom God had "given up."

See here.

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets

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