The Law Of Our King

The above titled article written by Leslie Diestelkamp (1911-1995), first appeared in the publication, THINK, Vol. 8, No. 4, dated July-August, 1977. The article points out the fact that if we love Jesus, we’ll love our neighbors without respect of persons (James 2:9).

The question might be asked, “What is the attitude of our hearts with regard to the poor?” Do we display the same respect for the man in old worn out clothing as we do for the man dressed in fine clothing?

As the article points out, “If we snub a poor person, he probably won’t notice it much, for he is accustomed to such treatment. But the Lord will take note, for the love of God, His grace and mercy – and even His law – are completely without partiality, and one significant intent of His law is that it produce the same impartial compassion in the heart of each child of God.

Brother Diestelkamp’s good article makes some practical applications for preachers and elders regarding their attitudes toward the poor versus the rich. He then makes a very important closing point:

Submission to the law of our King demands more than generous benevolence for the unfortunate. When we will have given much money (food, clothing, shelter, etc.), we will have done well, but when we will have given genuine love, expressed in gifts that money can’t buy — in care, concern, companionship, compassion — then we will have done better!

To which this writer can only add a hearty “Amen!

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets

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