There's Great Power In Being Together

Many years ago, I participated in a gospel quartet. If we’ve ever heard good gospel music, we understand something of the precise harmony that’s required in that effort All four voices have to contribute just the right pitch, volume, timbre, and word sound in exactly the right balance in order to produce the quality of harmony that is required.

It looks easy — but it really is quite challenging to produce harmonious gospel music well. Experienced singers in other genres of music say that singing in harmony with one another is more demanding in its own way than even opera singing is.

There’s one thing about singing four part harmony that is immutable — no one can produce the effect by themselves (unless you do it with multi-track technology). One individual can’t make that distinctive sound without at least three other people correctly singing the other parts that make up the harmony.

Many things in life are like singing in four part harmony — we can’t do them alone.

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Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets