True Giving From The Heart

The story is told of a country school whose principal thought it would be good to take up donations for destitute children at Christmas time. As days passed, the principal observed there was not much interest among the students.

However, there was one boy who struggled to save a few pennies for the project. He had saved fifteen cents (a time when a dollar was a dollar), and planned to turn it in to the school on the Friday before the Christmas vacation.

Unfortunately, a furious blizzard blasted the area that Friday and the school buses were unable to run.

The boy was not daunted, as he waded a great distance through the deep snow to give his fifteen cents to the school principal.

The principal found it difficult to control his emotions as he accepted the gift, for the youngster was one of the destitute children listed to receive a donation from the proceeds.

Beloved, that’s true giving from the heart! (Matthew 12:35; Luke 21:1-4 AMP).

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets