"You've Led A Dull And Boring Life"

About six months ago, while waiting for my ear doctor to clean out my ears of their semiannual wax buildup, one of his secretaries asked me the following question:

"Mr. Riley, have you ever smoked, drunk alcoholic beverages, or ingested any non-prescription drugs?" To which I responded by telling her that I did smoke a pipe for about three years while performing military service overseas. But I emphasized the point that like former President Clinton, I never inhaled the smoke into my lungs .... I just enjoyed the smell of the pipe tobacco smoke as it was coming out of the pipe.

She then made this astute observation: "Mr. Riley, you've led a dull and boring life, haven't you?" To which I responded by saying, "Yes, ma'am, indeed I have, but I'm still around to tell you this story!" (some of my worldly friends are not).

Beloved, I am living proof that you can give up any and all vices if you really want to. After marrying my best friend, Nancy, in 1976, I gave up pipe smoking, not only because she didn't like the smoke in her eyes and nose, but because it was an extremely nasty and unhealthy habit that I needed to give up.

As Christians, we are to honor God in both our body and spirit, because we have been bought with a price ..... that price being the precious blood of Jesus (1 Corinthians 6:19-20; Romans 5:6-9).

Let us remember that that none of us live for our own benefit, but for the benefit of the Lord and others (Romans 14:7-8 AMP). Let us therefore lead clean, wholesome and holy lives before our fellow man (1 Peter 1:13-16 AMP) ..... even if we have to lead a seemingly "dull and boring life" (in the eyes of worldly people).

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets