"Lord, Revive Us Again"

Josiah became a king when he was 8 years old (2 Chronicles 34:1), a seeker at 16 (2 Chronicles 34:3), a reformer at 20 (2 Chronicles 34:3-7), and a humble servant of God at age 26 (2 Chronicles 34:8-33). His dramatic spiritual growth and leadership resulted from listening to God’s Word and then obeying what he heard (2 Chronicles 34:31).

While the temple in Jerusalem was being repaired and purified, the long-neglected Book of the Law was found and read aloud to young King Josiah (2 Chronicles 34:14-18). When he heard it, he humbled himself, tore his robes, and wept in the presence of God (2 Chronicles 34:19,27).

Josiah realized the enormous sin of those who had led the nation before him, and he decided that deep and lasting change had to begin with him. His public renewal of the covenant — His commitment to follow the Lord and keep His commands, ignited a revival that swept an entire nation (2 Chronicles 34:29-33).

What’s wrong with the nation where we live today? Is there greed? Is there violence? Is there indifference toward God? How long has it been sinking into a moral and spiritual quagmire? Are we feeling too young, too old, or too powerless to do anything about it?

Josiah — seeker, reformer, and servant of God — a godly king who wept for his people, has shown us the way. “Lord, revive us again, and let the revival begin with me” (Psalm 85:6).

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets


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