Wake Up, Get Up And Show Up At Bible Study Tomorrow

Brother Eugene Adkins, one of the writers for the "fellowshiproom.org" website (see bio here), has written an above titled encouraging article here.

Brother Adkins points out the following fact in his good article regarding Bible study:

"the church has a hard time getting Christians to show up and study the Bible today. Some congregations don’t even have Bible-study classes. Brothers and sisters – that’s a problem!"

Indeed it is, considering the fact that throughout history, many men and women have given their very lives for the preservation of the Bible (note here), because (as Bro. Adkins points out) "they had faith, a desire for the common man to read the word of God, and a love for God’s message."

Bro. Adkins ends his article with this pertinent statement and ensuing question:

"The Bible is the best-seller that most Christians aren’t sold on studying. Do you see the irony?"

Beloved, as Bro. Adkins points out, the bottom line is this: "Wake up, get up and show up at Bible study tomorrow" (Sunday, the Lord's Day).

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets